Latent Defects and Your Property

Here at Property Defects we help thousands of people nationwide deal with insurance claims to do with damage along the lines of subsidence, latent defects, heave, damage cause by nature (trees), and damp walls.

What We Can Do To Help YouLatent Defects

At Property Defects, we help you, the policy holder, to assess the damage of the property so that we can give you a fair and unbiased quote, unlike the loss adjusters working for your insurance company who more often than not will be biased.

After we have assessed the damage to your property, we will contact your insurance company with a detailed report and inform them how much will need to be paid and what work will need to be completed. Then we wait for the insurance company to give the settlement fee; when dealing with this type of situation yourself it can take a while for them to finally give you the entitlement, but we can speed up the settlement of your claim dramatically.

We work alongside certified loss adjusters that have had years of experience in this industry and know exactly what steps to take to get you the best possible entitlement in the quickest possible time. Our goal is to get you back to everyday life as soon as possible with the minimum amount of hassle possible.

Latent Defects

One of our main areas of expertise is latent defects, we have dealt with a numerous amount of cases regarding this type of damage. If you have any enquiries about latent defects or want to see other services which we can offer you, please visit our website at

Most of the time, latent defects can be explained by a failure of materials or it can also be explained by a lack of workmanship from the contractors who completed the work. Latent defects are often not visible until years after the builders have completed the work, and more often than not they will not fix the problem at hand if the damage has occurred two years after the work was completed. That is where Property Defects can help you, we can help start a claim on your behalf and make sure you get your property back to its pre-accident state.